Local 720 Application Process

Process Explained

Please read all the information provided before beginning the application.

It is important that your electronic application be a good representation of who you are. While a computer-generated system is responsible for dispatching you, your promotion is determined by our Training Exam Committee. The Committee, a group of individuals, only knows the information you have given them in your application, there is no interview process.

Filling out this application does not guarantee you work.

It is to your benefit that you take the time to complete your application. While you are unable to upload a resume, you can copy and paste it into the tabs provided. It is also important that you make sure your skill sets are listed so, when we do exhaust, we know what jobs for which you are eligible.

Process Step by Step

  1. Submit Application (May be dispatched as over hire)
  2. Wait for application to be selected
  3. Watch for invitation to Orientation class from (TrainingManager@NRAIATSELocal720tt.org)
  4. Complete 3-day Orientation and provide a copy of an appropriate OSHA 10 or 30 certification.
  5. Notified by Dispatch System that you are now an active referent

The Application App

Once you click on the link below you will have 2 options:

  1. Login to update a previously submitted application.
  2. Create a new application.

If you click “create a new application,” you will be asked to provide your e-mail, first name, last name, and password. Once you click “Register,” you will have to login to start your application.

IMPORTANT – There is NOT a way to reset or retrieve your password so make sure to write it down.

 You will notice at the top of the application a menu with six tabs.

  1. Applicant – Input your personal information. Please fill out ALL open areas.
  2. Training in Entertainment – Provide information about your entertainment experience and training.
  3. Certifications – Provide a list of your current certifications that apply to the entertainment industry.
  4. Union Affiliations – List other Unions you are or have been a part of and any officers of that Local who can be a reference. Please also list anyone in Local 720 that you would like to give as a reference.
  5. Skills – Add specific skills from our list, someone that can verify the skill, years of experience, and what you would rank yourself for this skill (1 basic – 5 exceptional). Please note, if you do not enter ALL of this information you will not be eligible for promotion to our temporary list when we exhaust.
  6. Employers – Add employers you have worked for from our provided list, how long you have worked for them, and any referral you would like to provide.

You can start your application and save changes so you can come back and complete it later, but it will not be added for review until you have clicked the “Save and Submit” button. You can add and change information even after your application has been submitted.

Application Submitted Now What

You can always log back into your application to add or change information as you wait to be selected. Understand Local 720 gets thousands of applications and yours is just one in the process.

Only the Training & Exam committee can select you to move on to processing so neither the Local 720 office staff nor the Training Trust office staff have any control over the selection process.

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